We combine the best practices of international organizations, a multidisciplinary approach, and scientific methods to achieve our clients’ goals.

The Divercity+ team has decades of experience in Diversity and Inclusion management, consulting, and measurement. Our experts design institutional changes and contribute to the growth of human and social potential in organizations. We understand the importance of each organization’s context and the challenges it faces.

Conducting innovative workshops.

Designing tools for measuring DE&I.

Formulating diversity and equality strategies for cities and large municipalities.

Cooperating with the academic community.

Designing inclusive office and city spaces.

Facilitating processes aimed at designing DE&I organizational strategies.

Selected Projects

You can find more information about our activities in Current Projects.

Selected testimonials


In February 2020, Divercity+ conducted training for identifying, preventing, and reacting to discrimination and mobbing. The training was designed specifically for Agora employees. Divercity+ has also, on multiple occasions, provided consulting and support for our efforts to effectively implement our company’s antidiscrimination and anti-mobbing policies.

The trainer was very competent, highly professional, and had a broad view of the issues at hand and how to address them. She listened actively and cared about us a client.

We recommend Divercity+ without hesitation.

– Marta Kowalska,

Training and Development Manager


This is the second year K2 Group has cooperated with Divercity+.

Dominika Sadowska from Diversity+ demonstrates exceptional expertise in, among other things, diversity management in organizations, conflict resolution, mediations, and preventing mobbing and discrimination. At K2 she’s implemented competence improvement and mediation projects related to diversity management and solving conflicts in the workplace.

She has also coordinated work on designing a ‘good employee relations’ policy that resulted in the adoption of the policy by the executive board of the K2 Group and its employees. Her work has been highly praised by both the executive board and employee members of the work group that produced the document.

– Michał Rutkowski,

Managing Director, K2 Create Agency


Very good, superbly prepared, helpful training.

– Kamil Wojna



We began our collaboration [with Divercity+] during the difficult time of the pandemic. As a result, from the beginning we have been working with them online (remotely). Despite that limitation, however, our cooperation is excellent in terms of both its quality and how it is organized.

Dominika Sadowska puts others first, treats everyone with respect, actively listens, is highly ethical, and acts responsibly toward other people.

She is careful, empathetic, and practical at the same time. This unique combination of traits has made our projects both reliable and fruitful.

For all those who want to build open and diverse organizations where respect for others is a guiding principle, I recommend without qualification Dominika Sadowska as a consultant, trainer, and source of knowledge and support, even in the most challenging situations.

– Karolina Długosz,

Sustainability Lead, Netguru


Orange Polska has been working with Divercity+ since 2016.

During this time, together we implemented numerous projects aimed at improving diversity management and inclusion in the workplace.

Employees participating in these projects consistently pointed to the knowledge and professionalism of the Divercity+ experts. The trainings were widely praised. Participants gave especially high marks for the references to current business practices, and to the application of expert knowledge to forming concrete recommendations regarding the diversity management process.

– Anna Kowalik-Mizgalska,

Director of CSR Analyses and Events


The trainer was very knowledgeable and presented the topics in an engaging and accessible manner.

The trainings were mostly in a workshop format using interactive methods (…). Participants evaluated the trainer very highly and stressed that the workshops facilitated building skills that are applicable to their every-day work.

– Marta Biernath


Divercity + conducted a workshop on diversity policies for experts affiliated with the Retail Institute.

The wide-ranging knowledge and experience of the Divercity+ expert leading the workshop, as well as her sensitivity, tact, and ability to build rapport with the workshop participants, resulted in these participants—a group of top managers of the biggest companies managing retail centers in Poland—asking for not only extending the workshop, but also adopting it into a long-term project that we plan to commence in 2021.

Strongly recommended!

– Anna Szmeja,

Retail Institute CEO