Measuring and monitoring Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

Only diverse and inclusive organizations can be truly successful. In order to evaluate an organization’s diversity and inclusivity, we need appropriate measurement tools. The effectiveness of diversity and inclusion policies depends on the quality and systematic application of those measurement tools.

We can assist your organization with:
  • Deciding which dimensions of diversity to measure and how to measure them.
  • Interpreting your results in a meaningful way and planning interventions based on them.
  • Building your own capacity to collect and analyze DE&I data to monitor the impact of your interventions going forward.

Many of the most commonly-used diversity and inclusion measures are of low validity and reliability. They are frequently misinterpreted and subject to imprecision. Furthermore, they rarely go beneath the surface to measure behaviors or deep-seated beliefs, or to track changes over time.

We understand that measuring diversity and inclusivity, or the effectiveness of particular anti-discrimination interventions, presents a challenge. We offer support in designing measurement tools and monitoring systems, and with interpreting results to guide policy and practice.

Selected benefits:

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